About Us

After losing my husband, Mason Moore, in May of 2017, I struggled with being able to focus and work leading me to resign my job in March of 2018. Also, after my husband was killed, I started a Nonprofit called the Mason Moore Foundation to help “fight back” and as a way the kids and I could continue Mason’s work.
After a year of trying to figure things out and focusing on my kid’s health and my health, I starting trying to decide what would be best for my family. After much thought and prayer, I decided to stay local so I could be available for my kids and I wanted to work in the Community that has taken such good care of us. I wanted to invest in the Three Forks Community.
The idea of starting a bookstore really started a long time ago with my love for reading. My husband and I both loved to read. I love going into independent bookstores and exploring around. I love the smell of books! I love being surrounded by books. With encouragement from my family and friends I decided to learn as much as a could about starting a business and Book Therapy and Moore was born.